Horoscope 2008

  For Pisces (Meena) Ascendant or Lagna indicates that you will be involved in noble deeds in this year. You will be extremely happy in this year. Your chances of income increasing are good. Your communication skills are going to be good for you. You will be well recognized in this year. Your enemies are going to be subdued in this year. This year is surely going to be rewarding for you. You will enjoy your domestic life in this year. During the initial few months your married life may not be upto the mark , but after that things will move forward for you. You may not be able to concentrate properly in this year, which may affect your performance in educational pursuits. Chances of traveling are high in this year. Overall your health is going to be good in this year.
Career, Incomes and Gains
Transiting ascendant lord Jupiter is aspecting to 2nd, 4th and 6th houses. Therefore, you are likely to be involved in noble deeds. You will be extremely happy. Your income will increase and your contacts with senior and official authorities will improve. With your communication Skills you will be able to handle adverse situations. An absolutely perfect state of mind is also guaranteed during this period. This period will be a period for recognition for you. Your enemies will face a setback during this time. You will out show your rivals. Things will move for better. This period will surely be rewarding for you as far as your Career/business is concerned. Your efforts will start giving benefits. Bhagyesh as well as Dhanesh would be transiting over the 4th house till 27th of April 2008, this is a favorable period for purchasing of new property or you may also invest your saved money into real-estate. You will also enjoy your domestic life. You may spend your money on your home decoration or home equipments. In fact, you will enjoy all comforts and happiness with your desired people. In-fact, it would be a favorable year to make new and major investments in share market or mutual funds. Transiting Saturn over the 6th house is indicating, financially, it may be very favorable period; unexpected gains may boost your monetary position. Your opponents would not able to harm you at all.
From 21st of June 2008 to 24th of September 2008, your ascendant would be suffered due to malefic aspect of Mars. Hence, during this period, you should not indulge yourself into major or important projects.
From 9th of December to end of the year, Jupiter will transit over the sign of debilitation. Hence, during this period, you might have to experience sudden and heavy expenditures.

Love, Family and Social Life
Till the 27th of April 2008, 7th house is aspected by natural malefic Mars, therefore, you might have to hot arguments with your spouse or she might fall sick. Due to various reasons, you would not capable to enjoy comforts of married as well as family life. However, after 27th of April 2008 circumstances would be in your favor as 7th house would not aspected by any malefic or unfavorable planet. During this period, there might be happiness and prosperity in your family. Your relations would be much better with your spouse. But, your children would be a cause of troubles. Married people might have to face some problems during the opening part of the year. However, it would be an auspicious year love affairs. You will go for long drive and candle light dinner with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Really, you will enjoy all worldly comforts with your lover. You will get well support and cooperation from him/her.
Education and Traveling
Till the 27th of April 2008, you will not face any major or unexpected obstacles as far as your study is concerned. However, when Mars will transit over the 5th house in sign of debilitation, you might suffer due to mental problems and would not capable to concentrate properly. You should do all the remedies to remove ill effects of debilitated Mars. Though, Vidyakaraka Jupiter is transiting over the 10th house in sign of Mooltrikona. Hence, any unexpected trouble is not indicated by planets. Chances of traveling would be very high from 27th of April 2008. Almost these all journeys would be of long-distance.
Generally, health would be good. Only minor or chronic diseases would be cause of expenditures.
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