Horoscope 2008

  For Aquarius (Kumbha) Ascendant or Lagna this year indicates good gains during the beginning of the year. You will achieve the desired success in your ventures. Financially it is going to be a best period for you. Transit of planets are indicating good gains for you in this year. You may come in to people from higher authorities who could be of help to you. Promotions etc are entirely possible if you are in to service. Transit of Ketu and Saturn over 7th house may create a few obstacles in family life. This year indicates good success in competitive exams and study related pursuits for you. Chances of long term traveling are less in this year, while health will be average this year.
Career, Incomes and Gains
Bhagyesh Venus is transiting over the 10th till 19th of January 2008 , later it will move in Sagittarius sign. Therefore, beginning of the year would be very beneficial. You might achieve success in your new and important ventures. Your all efforts will be fruitful. Success is just made for you. You have to just go ahead; your desired destination is just waiting for you. Financially, it is finest period, monetary position will very good. Your way of communication and convince to other will be better. Now you may also handling to situation in your favor with your intelligence and sense of humor. Transiting Dashmesh Mars is having mutual aspect with Dhanesh as well as Labhesh Jupiter. It is showing your present and previsions efforts are going to provide strong monetary position. You will have a tremendous confidence to carry pursuits.
You will come into contact with official and higher authorities which may helpful in future. In fact, you should be ready to catch your goal. It is very auspicious period. If, you are in service promotion or other financial, benefits are strongly indicated by Jupiter. However, due to transit of Saturn and Ketu over the 7th house, this year might create obstacles for those people who are running their business in partnership. Probably, your relations might spoil with each-other.

Love, Family and Social Life
Transiting Saturn and Ketu over the 7th house might create some obstacles as far as your family atmosphere is concerned. There might be some disputes in-between you and your life partner. Hence, there is a need to make mutual understanding. However, transiting Jupiter is aspecting to 7th house. So, any major or unexpected incident will not occur. You should done proper remedies of Saturn and Ketu. After it, If, you are married, you will enjoy all comforts and happiness in your conjugal life or if, you are looking for someone, you may meet with him/her.
Education and Traveling
5th house is aspected by Vidyakaraka Jupiter while Bhagyesh Venus is transiting over the 10th house. And there is a no malefic influence over the 5th and 9th houses. Therefore, you might obtain remarkable success in exams or interviews. This is very auspicious for your house of education & intelligence & destiny; therefore, as a result of it you shall be getting substantial success in your competitive examinations, because of if you shall win admiration for your intellectual abilities & performance. Chances of traveling are very few.
Generally, health would be good as ascendant lord Saturn is aspecting to ascendant. However, when on 27th of April 2008 Mars will over the Cancer, you might have some health related problems as functional malefic Mars will aspect to ascendant.
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