Horoscope 2008
  For Scorpio (Vrischika) Ascendant or Lagna indicates slight difficult year for the initial few months for Career and advancement. You may find it difficult to please your superiors. Useless undertakings may hinder your Career growth. This is a good year to buy/sell properties. You'd be able to get the desired help and support of your spouse in this year. You may be more inclined towards spiritual activities in this year. In this year you will have various chances of traveling and in general you'd be able to get the desired results. Students should achieve the encouraging results in this year. Till April 2008 your health may not be upto the mark for you.
Career, Incomes and Gains
Ascendant lord Mars would be transiting over the 8th house till 27th of April 2008. Consequently, it is showing a difficult period in regard to the advancement of the career or gaining profits from it. You may find it hard to impress superiors about your abilities and skills. Useless travels and undertakings can hinder the progress of the career. Try to solve your problems on your own and don't reveal your weaknesses to other people. People might take advantage of your weakness. Don't spend more money till 27th of April 2008. Be sensible in your financial transactions. If, you will put your best efforts, you might get success in important ventures as Dhanesh Jupiter is transiting itself in sign of Mooltrikona.
If, you're interested towards share market, speculation or mutual funds; from 21st of June 2008 to 9th of August 2008 and 7th of November 2008 to 18th of December 2008, time would be very favorable for such types of activities. This time is also favorable for sale/buy new or old properties. From 28th of April 2008 to 20th of June 2008 Mars will transit over the sign of debilitation. Therefore, during this time there might be a lack of self-confidence and enthusiasm. You should not indulge yourself in risky ventures. Launching of important projects during this period might be cause loss of money.

Love, Family and Social Life
Saptmesh ( 7th Lord) Venus is transiting over the ascendant till 19th of January 2008 and later it will move over the 2nd house and it will join to Jupiter. So, you will enjoy all types of contentment and family environment would be full of prosperity. Support of your spouse will make you more successful as well as happy. Your parents may also a source of pleasure. Try to make best use this phase of year and spare more time with your spouse. If you are unmarried and looking for marriage during this year, it would be possible since of benefic influence of noble Jupiter. There might be remarkable enhancement in your reputation and fame. Your inclination would be increase towards spiritual and religious activities. Your image will be better than earlier one. Overall, you will enjoy a good amount of reputation and your opponents will not able to harm you.
Education and Traveling
Panchmesh ( 5th Lord) Jupiter is transiting over the 2nd house in sign of Mooltrikona. Besides of it, Jupiter is aspecting to 4th lord Saturn, who is transiting over the 10th house. So, you would achieve encouraging results. You shall get substantial success not only in academic but also cooperative examinations. You are likely to get scholarship also. You might get curious to learn serious subjects. If you are appearing in some examination for a job your name might come in waiting list or you might get the job. However, you should be careless as Rahu is transiting over the 4th house. Rahu might provide confusion and you might face some undesired obstacles. After 27th of April 2008, you might have various chances of traveling. However, these journeys are not going to fulfill your needs.
Till the 27th of April 2008, you might have to suffer due to some health problems. Frequently visits to doctors are also possible. You should take diet properly. You should be careful while you are driving as chances of injuries are possible. Those are already suffer due to blood related diseases must be alert.

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