Horoscope 2008
  For Libra (Tula) Ascendant or Lagna this year indicates auspicious period for Career and Financial related matters. Due to your skills and caliber you would be able to overcome the obstacles and get the desired results. Planetary position is auspicious for buying/selling property. You will have a mutual attraction towards your spouse and in general this is going to be a desirable year for social and family relations. Favorable period for love affairs is also indicated. Due to transit of Jupiter you'd be able to get good results in your study and educational pursuits. During mid year you may have some health problems, but apart from that your health will be much better.
Career, Incomes and Gains
Till the middle of January 2008, ascendant lord Venus will transit over the 2nd house while 11th lord Sun transit over the 3rd house. It would be very auspicious period as far as your career and financial matters are concerned. You will be extremely happy in this period. Due to your own caliber and skills, results would be fantastic you will come into contact with learned people. You will be respected and your fame will also increase. Transiting Saturn over the 11th house will bestow auspicious fallout entire the year. Undoubtedly; Saturn is fully capable to boost your professional life. This year shall prove generally auspicious for you. Your financial position shall improve. Planetary position is generally auspicious for buying / selling property, house, vehicle etc. If you are in job you might get promoted because of the creation of new posts or you might get posted in other department with a bigger salary.
Other specialty of this year shall be a big change in your professional life. You might plan to leave your current business because of your plan of starting a new venture or else you would change your work place & this change of place can be local also. You might go from one building to other one or else you might leave your city or state. If you are associated with partnership business in that case a senior partner would play an important role & because of this partner you shall succeed in expanding your business in your country & abroad too. However, you must be careful while you are going to take major decisions as functional malefic planet is transiting over the 9th house till 27th of April 2008.

Love, Family and Social Life
Saptmesh ( 7th Lord) Mars and 7th house are aspected by noble Jupiter while karaka planet of Marriage and love Venus will join to Jupiter on 19th of January 2008. Therefore, family atmosphere would be full of happiness and all worldly comforts. There would be a mutual attraction and cooperation in-between you and your spouse. Your siblings will also provide their best support towards you. Probably, you would be more responsible and there would be a positive improvement in your attitude. This is also a favorable period for love affairs. Candle light dinner and long-drive is seemed quite possible.
Education and Traveling
Transiting Rahu over the 5th house would be cause of confusion. You might have to face some obstacles in regard of study. However, transiting Saturn is aspected by Jupiter; therefore, your sincere efforts would be helpful. Success is assured in exams or interviews after little bit hard work. Since of planetary position, chances of journeys are very high. These journeys would be fruitful and commercial.
Generally, health would be normal. However, there might be some health problems after 19th of January 2008 when ascendant lord Venus will join to 6th lord Jupiter. From 25th of August 2008 to 18th of September 2008, Venus will be transiting over the sign of debilitation. That's why this period will also bring health problems and tensions. You may also suffer due to depression.

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