Horoscope 2008
  For Cancer (Karaka) Ascendant or Lagna there are indications of unexpected expenditure and sudden monetary losses this year. You would find it difficult to maintain harmonious relations with your boss and other authorities. People in service may have to put in more efforts to reap the benefits. People who are married should experience improvement in relations. If you are in love then you could convert your love in to marriage. You may face some obstacles in your educational pursuits. You will go to long term as well as short term traveling in this year. Due to suffering of ascendant due to paap kartari yoga you may experience some difficulties in your health this year.
Career, Incomes and Gains
Transiting Saturn and Ketu over the 2nd house might be cause of unexpected expenditures and sudden monetary losses. There might be a tough competition with your associates. You would not be capable to maintain harmonious relations with your boss or other authorities. Those who are in service might have to put their best efforts to reap benefits. Success is not seemed easy or effortlessly. However, those are connected to multinational firms might be enjoyed their job as Panchmesh ( 5th Lord) as well as Dashmesh ( 10th Lord) Mars is transiting in 12th house. You have tremendous confidence to carry your pursuits. Your works will meet with their desired destination. You will have lot of chances of increase your income. Transiting Jupiter over the 6th house is having aspect over the 10th house as well as 10th lord Mars. Therefore, those are running their own business will have golden chances of income. Some new and very favorable deals are just waiting for you. You should not make any kinds of delay; it is definitely profitable for you. It is the right time when your business may spread according to your satisfaction.

Love, Family and Social Life
Transiting Saturn over the 2nd house is aspected by functional benefic planet Jupiter and natural karaka planet of martial happiness Venus is transiting over the 5th house. Therefore, your relationship would be much better with your spouse. There will be happiness in your love life. You may have very loving and deep feelings for your lover/beloved. Probably, now you may also convert your love into marriage. There are very high chances, if, you're unmarried but in love with someone, you may get married. People who are already married will enjoy each and every comforts and happiness along with their life partners. You will find out your married life is going through very pleasant mode.
Education and Traveling
Panchmesh Mars is transiting over the 12th house in retrograde motion. As a result, you might have to face some obstacles as far as your study is concerned. Probably, you would not capable to put your best. There might be some tensions and depression. However, due to mutual aspect in-between Panchmesh Mars and Bhagyesh Jupiter, your sincere efforts will bring accomplishment and encouraging fallout. Therefore, you should try to concentrate at your study. Those are preparing for any competitive interview or exam might achieve their goal as 6th lord Jupiter is transiting itself. Chances of traveling are very low during the opening of the year. However, later, you might have to go for long as well as short distance journeys.
Ascendant is suffered due to PAAP KARTARI YOGA which is created by Saturn, Ketu and Mars. Hence, you might have to face some health problems. Probably, you might have to spend a big amount of income on health problems. After month of May, you might have a relief. Therefore, there is a need to pay extra attention as far as your health is concerned.

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